Category: Inspiring Stories

Mission Membership | Renae

I believe there is a strong connection between mind and body. When you exercise and feed your body well your mind is alert and positive. My personal connection is with “move well” initiative. I feel exercise helps to maintain and manage health challenges individuals may encounter. I enjoy volunteering in the Parkinson’s Program. I enjoy working with … Read More

Mission Membership | Cindy

As someone who has been overweight my entire life, and worked to lose the weight,  I choose to Inspire Wellness so that others can see that by learning healthy cooking ideas, by moving your body and caring about the well being of others in our community, they can, like me, lose what they need to … Read More

Member Monday | Amber

Amber has been a member at Family Wellness since 2017. She keeps coming back here because she has seen the progress she has made in living a health lifestyle since being a member here. Amber never thought she would be a gym person, but she has felt welcomed here and it has become a part … Read More

Member Monday | Mary

Mary has been a member here at Family Wellness for over four years. She has always enjoyed staying active and is thankful she can continue that lifestyle at Family Wellness. Mary loves the group fitness classes, the trainers, and the people at the front desk. Mary attends a variety of classes which include bodypump, barre … Read More

Member Monday | Jimmy & Mike

Jimmy N and Mike G have been friends for nearly twenty years. They both having been coming to Family Wellness for over five years! Now retired both Jimmy and Mike enjoy spending their Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning here at Family Wellness. They love to compete against each other and almost every time they come … Read More

Bob’s Journey

After Open Heart Surgery in 2012, Bob knew he had to make changes in his life. He joined Family Wellness in 2013 and after seeing the recent Exercise is Medicine program, he wanted to get better with his exercise and change up his lifestyle. Tami, a trainer here at Family Wellness and the program lead … Read More

Donovan’s Story

We asked a parent of one of the children in our Youth Weight Management program just how much this has helped her and her son and her response was amazing. I just wanted to let you know about my son Donovan’s experience with the Fit Start Program. He has thoroughly enjoyed this experience and he … Read More

Why I Wear Pink – LeAnn’s Story

It was Friday, October 13th of 2017. Just another day. Little did LeAnn know, it would be life changing. At her routine mammogram, they found something abnormal. That next Monday, they scheduled a biopsy. The results weren’t good. A lumpectomy was scheduled for January 3rd and on January 9th she found out it was cancerous. … Read More

A Fit Friendship – Andrea and Rita

You know it’s a true friendship when it lasts a lifetime. Just ask Andrea and Rita. Growing up just a couple blocks apart from each other in West Fargo, they bonded while riding the bus to and from school in high school. Throughout their young years, they remained in each other’s lives. Through weddings and … Read More