Welcome to the Family Wellness online services page! Please use the links below to help you create and access your online account. With your online account, you will be able to update billing and contact information, schedule racquetball reservations, register for programs (including Swim School), generate attendance reports, and more!

Please Note: In order to retrieve your login credentials, you must have provided an email address at membership sign up. If you have not, please update that information in person at the Family Wellness Front Desk. 



Your login AND password when you first register will be your Member ID. You will then be prompted to change them after you successfully login.

Need Help? Take a look through the FAQ section below or use the following links.


If I Had A Username And Password From My Previous Account, Can I Use Them For My New Account?

You will need to login with your Member ID as your username and password when you login for the first time, but after you access your new account the first time you can change your information to your previous credentials! Member ID numbers were sent to active members, but if you need that information please call our front desk at 701.234.2400!

What Can I do When I Login?

Members: Family Wellness Members can update contact information (including billing info), schedule racquetball reservations, view account history, and have preferred access and rates to programs and camps. 

Non Members: Family Wellness Guests can create guest accounts, edit contact information, view account history, and register for camps and programs. 

How Do I Login for the First Time?

Members: Once you click the link above, enter your scan code (found on your membership card) as your username AND password. You will then be prompted to change them. 

Non Members: Use the NonMember link to get started with the non member account process. Enter the required information at the first screen, and follow the prompt.

If you are already in our system, you will be able to verify the account information and have your online credentials sent to the email address associated with your account. You need to have an active email address associated with your account to generate your own login credentials. If you aren’t sure if you have an active email address associated with your account, please update that information at our front desk or call 701.234.2400 for assistance.

Once you have a login username and password, you can login under the Member login area. 

Questions? Give us a call at 701.234.2400 or send us an email at FamilyWellnessFargo@sanfordhealth.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Your issue not on the list? Let us know so we can find a solution!