Swim School


Family Wellness is excited to bring back regular lessons the Spring Session! Our class sizes will still be limited to our small class ratio of 4 students: 1 instructor. We’re excited to see you this Spring!


Spring Session Dates: Monday, March 22 – May 15

Spring Swim Schedule 


Regular Summer Session – Monday, June 7th – Thursday, Aug 19th
• 11 weeks of class: Member rate – $88 Nonmember rate – $176
• Private lessons: Member rate – $352 Nonmember rate $704
Two Week Swim Camp Sessions
• 8 classes over two weeks: Member rate – $64, Nonmember rate – $128
• Camp 3 Prorated: Member rate – $56, Nonmember rate – $112
Registration Dates
• Member online registration begins Monday, April 26th
• Member in person or over the phone registration begins Wednesday, April 28th
• Nonmembers and YMCA members online registration begins Monday, May 3rd
• Nonmembers and YMCA members in person or over the phone registration begins Monday, May 5th

Summer Swim Schedule 

Swim Level Descriptions 

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Private Swim Lessons
Private lessons are a great option for students to get one-on-one attention and extra practice on the skills that they need to refine. Instructors will communicate with parents more than usual to ensure that the class is working towards an agreed upon goal. Each private lesson can have up to three kids from the same household, (however only one child will need to be registered.) There will be one instructor per class. If you want siblings to join the class, they may at no additional cost. We recommend participants be close in skill level in order to get the most out of the lesson and so the instructor is better able to tailor the lesson to the skills of each participant. If you prefer to have one instructor per child, each child needs to be registered separately. Please call our Aquatics Coordinator at  Victoria.Bloomquist@sanfordhealth.org or at 701-234-6960 with any questions or for further information.

Private Lesson Rates:
Member rate (8 weeks): $256
Nonmember rate (8 weeks): $512
• This is the rate for an individual lesson, or the total rate for a household lesson with a maximum of 3 participants.

Semi-Private Lessons
To set up semi-private lessons with your friend/relative or for rates and more information, please contact our aquatics team at Victoria.Bloomquist@sanfordhealth.org or at 701-234-6960. Maximum of 2 households and 3 children per session.

Adaptive Swim Lessons
These one-on-one lessons are for swimmers with special needs and are tailored towards the skills of each participant. Instructors will communicate with parents even more than usual to ensure that the class is working towards an agreed upon goal. Contact our Aquatics Coordinator at Victoria.Bloomquist@sanfordhealth.org or at 701-234-6960 for any questions.

Swim School Credit/Refund Policy
If you apply for a refund one week prior to the program starting, then a full credit can be given. It is imperative to give at least one week notice due to the wait-lists for our swim school program. Once a class begins, no credit will be given. There will be no credit/refund due to weather-related cancellations. No credit is given for membership or missed classes, and in order to keep our low 4:1 swimmer to instructor ratio classes cannot be made up during a different lesson.