ChildcareChildcare is back with a safety focused solution for Drop In Childcare! 

 Safety is our number 1 priority when reopening our childcare service so we have modified how we will operate our childcare center for the time being. In order to limit exposure we are adjusting to a program based, smaller group size model.

Effective Monday – Friday starting on August 3rd:

Session 1: 8:45AM – 10:15AM

Session 2: 10:30AM – 12:00PM

Parents can choose from two sessions each day, Monday – Friday. Each session will have limited capacity and we ask that children be registered at least 24 hours in advance. A spot can be reserved online, using the Family Wellness App, or by calling the front desk at 701-234-2400. A childcare visit or an active Family Household with Childcare Membership will be needed in order to participate. Sign up for 1 day or all 5 – limited spots are available so sign up today!

Safety Precautions for Childcare Programs:

  • Program only available to members or children of members (no guest access, including reciprocity visits from partner facilities) 
  • Parents and children will be screened upon entry with questions and temperature reading.
  • Staff will be wearing masks unless they are outdoors and able to maintain 6 feet of distance between them and children
  • In order to avoid contact between personal belongings, each child will be provided a basket which parents will need to put bottles, snacks, diapers, and possible changes of clothes in so staff don’t need to go through diaper bags. Parents can still use the cubbies to store other personal belongings.
  • To limit contact, parents are asked to put sunscreen on their child prior to drop off.
  • Parents will not be allowed past the childcare entry space. Staff will get your child(ren) and bring them to you at pick-up time.
  • We ask that only 2 families are in the childcare entry space at a time. Please maintain social distancing and follow the designated spacing markers on the floor both on the inside and outside of the childcare room.
  • Parents are asked to wipe down cubbies before and after use.
  • Toys will be rotated out and deep cleaned between each session.
  • Staff will perform a deep clean in between each session.
  • Members are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in the facility, especially when entering the facility or moving between equipment or activity areas. Children are not required to wear masks.
  • Please wash or sanitize your child’s hands before and after drop off and pick up.
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Why can’t you provide your normal drop-in childcare service?

  • Due to Covid-19 we need to modify the way we provide drop-in care with a goal to limit the number of different people that staff and children are exposed to each day. With this reservation based, drop-in childcare model, your child will be with a small group of children & teachers which will limit contacts to no more than 15 individuals in a day.

Will I be billed for the childcare portion of my membership or my monthly childcare add-on?

  • If you have a Family Household Membership with Childcare, Family Wellness will allow for you to opt in or opt out of the childcare portion of your membership for the month of August. If we don’t hear from you prior to Wednesday, July 29th you will not be charged for the childcare portion.

What happens if my drop-in childcare punches are about to expire?

  • Since drop-in care was unavailable for 4 months in 2020 due to Covid-19, all expiration dates of purchased childcare punches will be moved out 4 months from their original date.

Will I be able to use my childcare punches for this reservation based, drop-in care?

  • Yes. The reservation based drop in care requires you to register for each day you would like to use and each of those dates requires a childcare punch (visit purchased from the front desk) or requires a person to have an active Family Household with Childcare Membership. You can purchase childcare punches (visits or packages) at the front desk. Please register for each date 24hrs in advance.

Will there be afternoon times available for this reservation based, drop-in childcare?

  • Please let us know if you would like us to offer different times for care! We will continually work to expand and eventually open up our drop in childcare service as soon as it is safe to do so.

What happens if I register for a date and I am unable to attend?

  • If you are unable to attend, you must cancel your reservation within 24 hours of your reserved time. With spaces being limited, no call/no-shows take a spot away from a family or child that would love to utilize the program. If there are two no call/no-shows from a family we will use a punch (single visit) for the missed date or the family will be charged a fee equal to a single visit. Please call Family Wellness at 701-234-2400 if you are unable to attend your reserved Drop – In Childcare Program time.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email our Childcare and Children’s Program Manager Jennifer Wettstein or call her at 701.234.7450. Click the link below for the complete list of Childcare policies.

Childcare also features:

  • Indoor Play Structure with Slide
  • Outdoor Play Structure (weather permitting)
  • Screen- free zone, (no TV, Movies or Video games) it is all about play and activity!
  • Ages 2 weeks through 9 years old
  • Available while parent/guardian is in the building
  • For Members and Non members
  • Inflatable Fridays (a giant inflatable is set up every Friday for children that are checked in to childcare to play in)