Bob’s Journey

After Open Heart Surgery in 2012, Bob knew he had to make changes in his life. He joined Family Wellness in 2013 and after seeing the recent Exercise is Medicine program, he wanted to get better with his exercise and change up his lifestyle.

Tami, a trainer here at Family Wellness and the program lead for Exercise is Medicine worked with Bob on his balance and stretching as well as getting him comfortable on different machines and with different movements. He also had help from our trainer Gary on his flexibility.

He also learned about diet and foods that are good for him vs foods that are not good for him. He made great strides on the tests that he did from the beginning of the program to the end and Tami is incredibly proud of his accomplishments.

Bob learned a lot to help him at home but he continues to keep coming to Family Wellness as he has made a lot of great friends. “It’s like going to church” and people notice when you aren’t there.

Exercise is Medicine is a program developed through the American College of Sports Medicine. This program is a comprehensive program that helps individuals move better, feel better and live a healthier more active lifestyle. Participants will meet twice a week an hour at a time, for 12 weeks in a small group setting and be led by one of our experienced and certified personal trainers. Participants will also be able to work on achieving their personal goals by meeting with a Certified Wellness Coach.

If you have questions on this program, please contact Carma at 701.234.7643 or