Move Well

Move Well motivates healthy lifestyles through physical activity for all ages. Results include:
• In 2022, we offered 216 specialized swim lessons at a reduced rate, impacting 33 individuals such as youth with physical and mental impairments, teenage and adult non-swimmers, and families with financial needs.

Specialized Swimming Lessons | This program provides inclusive opportunities for children, teens and adults to develop essential skills for a lifetime of safety, confidence, and physical activity around water. As a commitment to the health and safety of our community around water, individuals who qualify for this type of lesson may register for private lessons at half the regular cost. 

Parkinson’s Program | Certified Family Wellness Trainers work with the Parkinson’s community to combine physical activity and interactive group sessions to help participants manage their symptoms in a fun, social and supportive environment. 

Youth Healthy Lifestyle Training | These one-on-one coaching sessions will focus on developing a healthy foundation while learning the basics of youth fitness, nutrition and the importance of an active lifestyle.

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