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August Director’s Blog | Connection

During the past few months, I have had the fantastic opportunity to interact and connect with hundreds of our dedicated Family Wellness members. As I greet people entering the facility, I like to ask the question “What are you working on today?” I get many of the typical answers like, cardio, weights, or swimming, but … Read More

Director’s Blog | May 2023

It doesn’t take long to notice how popular and important Family Wellness is in our community. This popularity comes with some challenges for our members and especially our staff. With the popularity of the facility, one question that we need to continue to ask ourselves is “How do we continue to deliver a premier experience … Read More

Director’s Blog | April 2023

“The way to stay fresh is you never stop traveling, you never stop listening. You never stop asking people what they think.” — Rene McPherson | Former Chairman, Dana As you get to know me, you’ll quickly find out that I’m a huge fan of quotes. My phone is full of screen shots of quotes … Read More

Introducing our new Director, Cory Herrmann

We are excited to announce our new Director, Cory Herrmann, who joined our team March 6, 2023! Our former Director, Jenna Johnson, retired March 10. Cory Herrmann comes to Family Wellness from the West Fargo School District where he was the Activities Director at Sheyenne High School. Cory has a BS degree from University of … Read More

Director’s Blog- January 2020

Dear Members and Guests of Family Wellness, “Create your own Vision”, might be a great theme for your 2020 resolution! When we check our eyesight, perfect vision is 20/20. What do you want your wellness plan to be for this year? Start with the end in mind. What do you want to see as you … Read More

Fall Director’s Blog

Dear Family Wellness Members, Guests, Staff and Friends, Autumn is a time of beauty. It is also a time of Gratefulness. With the fall harvest of crops, the start of the school year and planning of family holiday gatherings, we have so much to be grateful for. Our health and wellness is one of those … Read More

Directors Blog | It Is Good Wellness To Be Prepared

Dear Family Wellness Friends, We prepare for so many things in life… the birth of a child, the coming of spring, a family vacation. It is always hard to prepare for emergencies, yet we do, and that is good. It gives us peace of mind that if or when something challenging happens, we can do … Read More

Wellness is…

As a young teenager I had a favorite comic strip titled “Love is…” It was two cute people who had all the definitions for love. Love is…Google it… you will find some lovely ideas. As the director of Family Wellness, our nonprofit, 80,000 sq ft wellness center in Fargo, North Dakota, I have often wondered … Read More