Fall Director’s Blog

Dear Family Wellness Members, Guests, Staff and Friends,

Autumn is a time of beauty. It is also a time of Gratefulness. With the fall harvest of crops, the start of the school year and planning of family holiday gatherings, we have so much to be grateful for.

Our health and wellness is one of those things which we often take for granted, until it is hurt or lost. I am daily reminded of this when I see our members who deal daily with illness, injury or disability, show up and work out… to the best of their abilities. They are so motivating!

At any age, at any ability, we have within our power to enhance our wellness, by starting with being grateful. I am not sure I was grateful for the 5:00 am alarm this morning! Once I was outside on my walk with my neighbor Shellee and my golden doodle Bjorn, I was truly grateful for the day and for my walking partners. Being grateful for the little things in life helps us to be grateful for the tough things too.

This week our Family Wellness family was enhanced by the birth of a baby boy to Jordan and Katie McCormick. He arrived early and we are so grateful for the doctors and nurses in our Sanford Family who have cared for little Watson. He and his mom are doing well today. We are grateful.

What are you Grateful for today? I am grateful to have you be a part of Family Wellness. Best wishes!


Be Well,

Jenna Johnson, Director