Directors Blog | It Is Good Wellness To Be Prepared

Dear Family Wellness Friends,

We prepare for so many things in life… the birth of a child, the coming of spring, a family vacation. It is always hard to prepare for emergencies, yet we do, and that is good. It gives us peace of mind that if or when something challenging happens, we can do our very best to create a good outcome. That is wellness… and peace of mind.

This past weekend, one of our members suffered a cardiac arrest while in the last few minutes of a class. Not only was our team prepared, but our members were too. They jumped to action and saved a life. We are so very thankful. It is quite unusual, but we have experienced the challenge of cardiac arrest three times in just five months. This reminds us how fragile and how resilient life can be. We need to be prepared.

As I look down my arms to my hands, I am reminded that  wellness in my life is only in my hands. I am the one in control of my healthy lifestyle and my wellness plan. I need to be prepared each day for eating healthy, moving well, living well and resting well. I need to be the one to build positive relationships at home and at work. It is in my hands.

Tomorrow I will teach another group of our staff to be prepared to save a life. We are participating in the Statewide Tornado Drill to be prepared for that as well. How will you prepare? How will you be inspired to a healthier lifestyle? It is in your hands.

Be Well,

Jenna Johnson, Director

Family Wellness