Director’s Blog- January 2020

Dear Members and Guests of Family Wellness,

“Create your own Vision”, might be a great theme for your 2020 resolution! When we check our eyesight, perfect vision is 20/20. What do you want your wellness plan to be for this year?

Start with the end in mind.

What do you want to see as you conclude the year in 12 months? I know I really need to plan to kick my fitness and healthy eating plan up to the next healthy level. I have a vision of what that looks like. Now, to implement it! Oh, there is the challenge. Here is what I know will help me to succeed.

Create small steps.

Each month, have a theme, each week a focus. Lay them out in advance so you can see them. Eat more vegies, drink more water. Walk more during the day. Get up in the morning and go for it! Make your steps fit you.

Have support.

Finding a buddy, a friend, or a partner to help you on your journey is always a good plan. They don’t necessarily need to do it with you, just tell them your goal, share what step you are on, and check in on your small steps or theme of the week.

Challenge yourself.

I can do it. Yes… you can! Be careful to avoid negative self-talk and rationalizing. Make the challenge attainable for you. Not someone else’s challenge. What might your wellness challenge be in 2020? Walk a mile or 20? Lift 50-100 pounds? Lose 10 pounds? Make it yours.

Bring your Family

Your goal may influence others in your family. That’s Family Wellness! Your family members might not buy into your whole plan, but they may pick up the parts that work for them. Try new recipes, new family activities, go new places, and perhaps a different workout. It will enrich their lives as well as yours.

Look back with 2020 vision.

As you start the year, look back at 2019 and see where you succeeded! Celebrate that and set the stage for the New Year to “Create your own Vision” for wellness in your life in 2020. You’ve got this.

Happy New Year!

Jenna Johnson, Director

Family Wellness

Family Wellness Fargo