Director’s Blog | May 2023

It doesn’t take long to notice how popular and important Family Wellness is in our community. This popularity comes with some challenges for our members and especially our staff. With the popularity of the facility, one question that we need to continue to ask ourselves is “How do we continue to deliver a premier experience to our members when the facility is so busy?” A major part of that experience is the cleanliness of the facility and offering amenities to our members. All our staff take great pride in maintaining a clean and organized environment and it shows. We continue to research ways to add amenities and/or bring back some features that COVID-19 might have forced us to discontinue. We take our members feedback seriously and do all that we can to remedy their concerns.

One issue that we’re faced with is that we consistently turn away non-members from using the facility and sometimes face issues when they try to sneak in without our staff knowing. The safety of our members is our priority, and we also balance that with focusing on the premier experience while supporting our outstanding staff. With that in mind, we felt that we needed to restructure some of our policies related to our guest and day passes. This policy isn’t to exclude anyone, the goal is to limit the number of non-members we have accessing the facility, so that we can provide our members with more access to spaces that might typically become overcrowded. 

Our organization’s mission is to inspire healthy lifestyles by connecting people in a fun environment. At the same time we focus on providing a premier experience for our dedicated membership base. We always want our members to understand that any changes made to our facility and/or our policies always focus on our mission as well as providing the premier experience.

We are very fortunate that Family Wellness is such a popular facility, and we want to continue to offer new and exciting things for our members. We have a lot of fun projects planned for the near future and we can’t wait to share them with everyone. It’s a great time to be at Family Wellness!

To your continued success,

Cory Herrmann, Director