Mission Membership | Cindy

As someone who has been overweight my entire life, and worked to lose the weight, I choose to Inspire Wellness so that others can see that by learning healthy cooking ideas, by moving your body and caring about the well being of others in our community, they can, like me, lose what they need to and be the best they can be! Mental health is just as important as physical health, and this makes me focus on both!

I am an Inspire Wellness Ambassador which means I help spread awareness to others who might not know about our healthy cooking classes for kids and other programs to help them focus on a healthy weight. I am always spreading the news on Family Wellness! To anyone who asks about a great gym, I tell them Family Wellness focuses on whole body wellness.

Giving back in whatever way I can helps me feel like I am making a difference. Many years ago, I was in need as a single Mom with two young boys. We got help from organizations that, like Family Wellness, got support from people in the community. I made myself a promise that when I was in a place to be able to give back, I would. Family Wellness has given me the opportunity to give back, in many ways. I love this place and the staff!

Thanks Cindy for Inspiring Wellness in our community!

Become a Mission Member

Your Membership Can Have a Mission! Did you know that if you donate at least $25 a year to the Inspire Wellness Initiative, you qualify for a gold membership card. A Family Wellness Gold Membership Card signifies your commitment to inspiring healthy lifestyles in our community. Donate online or stop by the front desk today to support the Inspire Wellness Initiative and get your Gold Card! Donate Online!