Donovan’s Story

We asked a parent of one of the children in our Youth Weight Management program just how much this has helped her and her son and her response was amazing.

I just wanted to let you know about my son Donovan’s experience with the Fit Start Program.

He has thoroughly enjoyed this experience and he always looked forward to class and never wanted to miss one. He loved the cooking classes we attended together and it has made him more mindful of what he is eating and how much.

Donovan’s confidence has improved, he’s lost body fat, and gained strength and muscle. We recently went to the doctor and he hadn’t seen Donovan in a couple of months, and he asked me right away if Donovan had lost weight! He actually hasn’t lost weight but the loss in body fat is definitely noticeable. Donovan did not want Fit Start to end and we will definitely be coming back in February to continue with this awesome program!

Donovan truly felt comfortable with Molly and the other kids in class. He felt everyone was very nice to him. This is very important to a child that has low self-esteem due to getting picked on his whole life because of his weight.

Thank you for everything you have done for Donovan and we’ll see you in February!