Congrats to Amy, the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge Winner!

The Holiday Weight Loss Challenge program included one consultation with a trainer, three personal training sessions, one session with our registered dietitian, and a Family Wellness Cookbook. Throughout the 8-week challenge, participants received motivational tips and e-mails to keep them going. We were able to sit down with Amy, our winner of the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge and ask her how the challenge went.

Amy was inspired to take the challenge because of her love for traveling. She said that it was becoming uncomfortable and after a visit to the doctor, it was suggested she take care of her body now vs when she gets older and it becomes more difficult.

She trained with Molly, a Family Wellness Trainer, who helped her to develop a workout plan that she enjoyed and could stick with. Once Amy set her mind to it, she said it became easy. She was willing to try new things and enjoys using a Bosu ball and Tabata Toning class.

Amy knew she wouldn’t be able to cut sugar completely out of her diet so after meeting with a dietitian, she learned about ways to cut it down. Though it was hard at first, she has adjusted to her new eating habits, though it was incredibly tempting during the holidays when coworkers and friends would always have goodies! She also learned to ask herself if she was hungry, thirsty or just had a craving. Learning to ask her body this question was important as she learned she was usually not actually hungry.

When asked if she would stick with her plan, she said she would. Because she has been doing it for 2 months, it has now become a habit (and she has even lost a few more pounds)! The advice she would give to someone just starting this journey is to acknowledge that it is hard to start, but know that it gets easier. Also, if you can’t get to the gym because of your schedule or other reasons, at least try to stay moving, even just going for walks.

Congrats Amy! We hope you continue to succeed in this journey!