Inspire Wellness Initiative

As a non-profit organization, Family Wellness is dedicated to providing need based community programming to children, adults, and families in our area. As a part of Family Wellness, your membership helps provide wellness programming to children, adults, and families in our area to help them cook well, move well and live well for life. We need your help to ensure that we can keep these impactful programs going. Please consider a gift to the Inspire Wellness Initiative.

The Three Pillars of the Inspire Wellness Initiative are:

Cook Well

Cook Well encourages better food choices through healthy cooking skills. Results include:
• Over 4,000 students participated in the Healthy Cooking in the Classroom Program.

Healthy Cooking in Classrooms | Family Wellness provides hands on cooking instruction in the classroom to many area elementary students. In the 2017-2018 school year we impacted over 4,000 students and taught children many different food preparation skills such as: opening cans, slicing, mixing, dry and wet measuring, and heat element safety. The Healthy Cooking in the Classrooms program is now in the health curriculum for all 4th and 5th grade students in the Fargo School District and West Fargo School District and we are excited to announce the addition of all 4th and 5th grade classrooms in the Moorhead Area School District. This expansion will allow for 4th and 5th graders in all 31 Elementary Schools in the FM Area to have hands on cooking instruction in the classroom.

Move Well 

Move Well motivates healthy lifestyles through physical activity for all ages. Results include:
• 100% of participants in the FIT Start Youth Weight Management Program improved in functional exercises.
• Over 145 classes were held for people affected by Parkinson’s Disease through our Parkinson’s Program.

FIT Start Youth Weight Management | The FIT Start Youth Weight Management Program provides an innovative approach to weight management that incorporates youth physical activity along with healthy cooking and nutrition sessions. Youth can be referred to the program by Sanford Health providers and they receive a subsidized cost for enrolling which allows all people access to the program. Read Donovan’s Story about how this program has impacted him!

Parkinson’s Program | The Parkinson’s Program allows certified Family Wellness Trainers to work with the Parkinson community to combine physical activity and interactive group sessions to help participants manage their symptoms in a fun, social, and supportive environment. Learn More.

Live Well

Live Well builds a vibrant community through volunteerism and support. Results include:
• The creation of the Family Support Program.

Family Support Program | The Family Support Program provides relief to those diagnosed with cancer and their families through facility access so they can work on their wellness. This program also supports families of extended stay hospital patients so they can practice self-care and better support their loved one who is in the hospital.

Inspire Wellness Initiative Events

Inspire Wellness Golf Tournament

Giving Tuesday (November 27th)

Lose For Good Weight Loss Challenge

Giving Hearts Day (February 14th)

Inspire Wellness Youth Basketball Tournament

Inspire Wellness Adult Basketball Tournament

Inspire Wellness Coed Sand Volleyball Tournament

Get Involved

Your investment in the health of our community is an inspiration. We are excited to announce a new way to get involved – become an Inspire Wellness Ambassador!

As an Inspire Wellness Ambassador, you will serve as a volunteer leader for the Inspire Wellness Initiative Campaign and help drive towards goals for the programs supported through the initiative. Programs include Healthy Cooking in the Classroom, the Family Support Program, the Parkinson’s Program and more.

To learn more or to become an Inspire Wellness Ambassador please contact Angie Hasbrouck at

Interested in volunteering or getting involved? Email Angie, the Assistant Director at or Jenna, the Director at for more information!

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