Lose For Good Winners!

The results are in! Thanks to the work of all that participated, a total of 297.7 lbs was lost and Go Far Events donated $1,488.50 to the Inspire Wellness Initiative!

Andrew and Katie were the winners of the challenge with the highest percentage of weight lost They each won a 6 month membership and were able to give a 6 month membership to someone as well! Let’s hear from them:

Both Andrew and Katie wanted a motivator to lose weight and keep it off and after seeing signs for the Lose for Good Challenge, thought that would help keep them accountable. Andrew was determined to win the competition so he decreased his eating and switched to a low carb diet. Katie is on the Sanford Profile Program and switched up her plan to help as well. They also both used MyFitnessPal to help them track their progress. They always stayed active, including walking on breaks at work and coming to Family Wellness a few times a week. They were both motivated to lose weight for an upcoming trip to Europe! Good luck to you both as you continue your journey!

Peter was our men’s runner up and also won a 6 month membership for himself and to gift. He made sure to work out at Family Wellness at least 4 times a week and was aware of the calories he ate every day. He also had 1 cheat day a week, as long as it was within reason. His motivation was to try to get healthy and of course, to win the challenge! Congrats to you, Peter!

The Inspire Wellness Initiative helps provide wellness programming to children, adults, and families in our area to help them cook well, move well and live well for life. Learn More.

Thank you to our sponsor, Go Far Events!