Intro to ZeSa HIIT

February 26, 2024
5:30 am - 6:30 am


ZeSa HIIT provides all the benefits of a high interval intensity training workout with the added the benefits of instability balance training (also known as neuromuscular training). HIIT is a training strategy that alternates short, intense burses of exercise with brief periods of rest for maximum caloric burn.

This isn’t your ordinary HIIT class, however, as it incorporates utilizing ZeSa’s Patented Activator Training Platforms® into many of the moves, which will stimulate your entire neuromuscular system through three planes of movement. The result is a far more dynamic and rapid development of strength, agility and balance, with a heavy emphasis on core engagement.

No prior experience using ZeSa’s devices is necessary for this class, and it’s suitable for ALL fitness levels and abilities.  Equipment options and modifications offered to provide all class participants with a great experience.

ZeSa classes are done barefoot to provide sensory feedback from your feet throughout your neuromuscular system for benefits including injury prevention, proprioception, skeleton alignment, and muscle synchronization. Regular socks cannot be used but sticky socks are allowed.

Registration Required to attend classes. To register, go to Family Wellness website to the Group Fitness Schedule. Find the class you want to register for. Click on Sign Up. If you do not have a Group Fitness Schedule account, you may need to create one.