September 25, 2022
12:05 pm - 1:00 pm


Take working out to a whole new level. FloatNFIT – 8 week specialty courses are a total body strength conditioning, aerobic workout using floating fitmats on the water. This interval-based class combines body weight exercise with intervals, designed to tone your body, improve your endurance, and challenge your balance, whilst clearing your mind. Squats and crunches will never fell the same again. This is one effective workout!

Required clothing: shorts, leggings, sport bras, or tanks. Due to the nature of the exercises being done No swimsuits or bikini’s. Acceptable clothing items are shorts, leggings, sport bras or tanks. Material must be polyester spandex or swimsuit type material. No cotton. (Note:  If requirements for clothing are not met participants will not be allowed to participate that day.) 

Ages | 15+

Location | Aquatics

Free for Members | $16 Non-members   Register Here