Healthy Cooking in the Classroom Training

In order for a new school to get started with the Healthy Cooking in the Classroom Program each school would need to purchase the equipment, the curriculum, and it is highly encouraged to have a staff member attend training. Once the school has purchased the curriculum it is theirs to keep and use. It should not be shared among multiple schools as each elementary school would need to go through Family Wellness to get started. Once a school has trained one person, that person can then train anyone else to teach the program at their school. If a school wanted to send additional teachers or staff in subsequent years to our training they are more than welcome to do so but it is not required. The curriculum is very comprehensive and consists of a teacher’s manual, professional training videos, recipe handouts, teacher’s guides, etc. so it will be a great tool for schools to use throughout the year.

Required items for implementation:

  1. Equipment: $850
  2. Curriculum Package & Rights: $250 *If you have more than 1 school in your district please contact us for pricing
  3. Half Day Training: $40 per person

Total cost = $1,140


The next training is TBD. For more information, contact Angie at or 701.234.7294.

If you are interested in implementing this program please fill out this form. Once we receive the required information we will send you information for registration.

Healthy Cooking in the Classroom Program

Bring the Healthy Cooking In The Classroom Program to your school!