Why I Wear Pink – LeAnn’s Story

It was Friday, October 13th of 2017. Just another day. Little did LeAnn know, it would be life changing. At her routine mammogram, they found something abnormal. That next Monday, they scheduled a biopsy. The results weren’t good. A lumpectomy was scheduled for January 3rd and on January 9th she found out it was cancerous. After a mastectomy, she is now cancer free.

Unfortunately to LeAnn, she knew it was coming. It was a matter of when to her, not if. She has been getting regular mammograms since she was 35 due to her mother and aunt being Breast Cancer Survivors. Being diligent with her appointments helped to catch it early.

LeAnn now makes supporting those going through Breast Cancer a priority. She wants to be there for others and help them be strong. She also has done a few 5ks and walks and is training to do the upcoming Dry Tri.

On October 2nd at 5am, you will find LeAnn on the pink treadmill walking the first mile for the 7th Annual Run to Raise here at Family Wellness. For her, it is important to be the first to walk, as a survivor.

LeAnn is the Business Manager here at Family Wellness. She has been in her role for 2.5 years.

Family Wellness is hosting the 7th Annual Run To Raise fundraiser for the Edith Sanford Breast Center. Family Wellness will donate $5 for every mile you run or walk on the PINK treadmill on October 2nd.

We invite all of our members to use the PINK treadmill when it is open to help add miles for the cause! 100% of proceeds will go directly to the Edith Sanford Breast Center.