Fargo Marathon Rock the 5K Discount Deal!

One Day Sale Friday, January 12th ONLY on the Rock the 5k of the Fargo Marathon happening on May 18th.

  • Register at http://fargomarathon.com/registration/
  • All Members of either the Sanford Family Wellness or the YMCA will get $5.00 off of the Friday Night 5K price (includes the 16 and under category too)
  • Are you a member of Fargo’s Family Wellness or the YMCA of Cass & Clay Counties, and have an associated discount code? Answer: YES
  • If you said yes, please enter your Account ID (your account ID can be found on your membership card or by logging in to http://www.familywellnessfargo.org/login/ and find your name on the top right. Your account ID will be behind your name.
  • Use Discount Code: 5KFLASHSALE

2018 is the year we are going to do it! 10,000 people in our Friday night 5K! Let’s put this race into the record books and make it one of the largest in the United States! Be a part of this historic event: run, walk, crawl, strollers! Just be here and be a part of something cool! A live band will be playing at the finish line (how cool will this be?!)! And 10,000 people means a lot of shoes for kids in 2018! Learn More about the 5K.