Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are diseases that allow people to get stuck “inside their heads” with negative self-talk, body shaming, obsession of the past or worry/anxiety of the future. Yoga, as a form of physical activity, will help to increase your awareness of sensations within your body allowing you to come to the present, ultimately creating a healing affect. In order to heal or let go it requires a lot of self-reflection, opening up to vulnerability and an understanding of what anxiety and depression feels like in your body and how to move it through.

With the heavy climate we live in today with traumatic world and personal events, this class was designed for people struggling with trauma and stress. We need compassion and understanding in the world and this class will give you tools to help you on a healing path.

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression is a 1 ½ hour class specifically designed to have a calming and supportive environment. This class is for anyone. 

What are the benefits?
• Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
• Increase energy
• Improves health and immune functioning
• Builds strength, balance and coordination
• Breathing techniques to help with cope with everyday stressors

What can you expect from this class?
• Relaxation of the body and mind
• Release of tension, anxiety and stress
• A higher emotional state
• Increased awareness of body

Friday, October 13th from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Free for Members & NonMembers

Registration is required.

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